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4/05/2018 12:51 pm  #1

Forum Rules


Please consider the following before posting on this forum:

1. This is a Law of Attraction forum, so ALL posts must be relevant to this subject.

2. This forum is divided into categories to keep things organized and easy to find. Please do your best to post in the category most relevant to your topic at all times. There are categories for relationship, money, and health. The "Other" category is for anything else related to the Law of Attraction that does not fit into those three categories.

3. There are different teachings and views when it comes to the Law of Attraction. You may not always completely agree with each other, but please be respectful to each other on this forum at all times.

4. Please do not be judgmental. Everyone is on their own journey and desires are unique to each individual.

5. There is a place at the bottom of the forum to leave suggestions for forum improvements

I hope this forum is beneficial to all of you. Have fun!


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